About - Windy Tree
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The Artist
Rowan grew up in Crescent Beach, BC and has lived in Vancouver BC, Kugluktuk Nunavut, Mudge Island BC, and now makes his home in Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island BC.  As a self taught artist, Rowan has found that the journey to becoming a full time artist has given him a strong sense of duty for his work.  He has displayed his work at over 70 shows across the country and met thousands of people that have connected to his work.  As the connections to his work became more and more accessible the passion to push himself to a higher level of detail and a higher level of intension grew and expanded.  Humbled by the response to this growth, Rowan has dedicated his practise to the art of patience and the pursuit of the subtle on behalf of those that support his work.

The Process

Through reverence, nature is my guide.  The process starts by collecting selected fallen branches while out hiking through Vancouver Island and BC’s Gulf Island forests. Making these artifacts is very humble work.  I completely loose myself in the creation of these artifacts and enjoy the connections this work brings to the countless beautiful people along the way. I feel very honoured to be able to create one of a kind art for a living. I select each piece individually and allow it to ask what image to cut using a freehand design on the scroll saw.  The work takes me to a peaceful and meditative place connecting me to the spirit of the arbutus, a healing and nurturing tree.

Let nature be your guide.